WARRIORS – 6-10 yrs

WARRIORS – 6-10 yrs

Ninja warriors are ready for learning more martial arts training and we teach them more specifics, This class is getting them ready for moving up to our family class usually at around 7 yrs of age depending on the child.

We still focus on learning the life skills of focus, discipline, self control, and listening skills but now we introduce some of our core values of respect, courtesy, honesty and gratitude. Values that we all hold dear but are sadly lacking in todays society. We feel strongly that these values are the mainstay for any child to grow up into a well rounded individual.

It is very important that we empower this age group and increase confidence before they go to secondary school. Children who are confident are likely to choose the right friends, make the right choices and more importantly, to walk away from situations they know are negative or bad. It takes a huge amount of confidence to do this…and we can help with this.

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